Bio- und Wellnesshotel Stanglwirt
Immerse yourself in relaxation

The Oasis of Stillness

Anyone who has ever experienced the colourful underwater world will love our Oasis of Stillness. It's not just the comfy loungers in the rest area near the rock sauna that will ensure your heart rate slows right down. A brilliant iridescent seawater aquarium with coral reef is the quiet star of the show here, and you'll feel your troubles simply floating away.

  • Just switch off

    Just switch off

    Oasis of Stillness

  • Seawater aquarium

    Seawater aquarium

    with coral reef

  • Observe an underwater world

    Observe an underwater world

    Sheer relaxation

Enjoy the view of our seawater aquarium with its colourful coral reef in the Oasis of Stillness and feel yourself relax as you watch the colourful underwater world...

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