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Signature massages


Release the tension and let the pressure ease out of your joints;
your muscles relax, your senses awaken and internal stress drains away from your body. The unique sensation of weightlessness and being held draws you into a state of seep relaxation from the very first moment. This one-of-a-kind water lounger takes full advantage of the natural propensity for waves to create spiral movements that are pleasing to the human musculoskeletal system.

Massage Minutes Price
with oil (treatment without clothes) 60 mins. including relaxation period € 150,00
without oil (treatment in your own comfortable clothes) 45 mins. including relaxation period € 110,00

Back special

Professional massage technique for your back, neck and shoulder area. Gentle or firm pressure loosens your muscles, releases tension and clears the way for your energy to flow. To achieve the perfect outcome from your treatment, we recommend completing the massage with a deeply relaxing moor mud pack or heat pack.

Stanglwirt's signature back special

Massage Minutes Price
Partial body massage 50 mins. € 100,00
To achieve a perfect treatment outcome we recommend a massage with a deeply relaxing moor mud pack. 20 mins. € 35,00

Stanglwirt's signature alpine herb pouch massage

Would you love to forget your daily stresses and be seduced away into the realm of alpine sensations? Enjoy the power and the aroma of our local alpine herbs and benefit from recently rediscovered knowledge about their beneficial effects. The warmth of the herb pouch flows through your whole body, blockages are released, the energies begin to flow and your self-healing powers are awakened.

Stanglwirt's alpine herbal pouch massage

Minutes Price
Partial body massage 40 mins. € 80,00
Full-body massage 70 mins. € 140,00

Mountain stone massage

Experience this unique full body treatment and feel the beneficial effect of the combination of warm mountain stones and cool rock crystals. The stones glide gently over your body and relax your muscles, loosen stubborn tension and stimulate the flow of lymph. Achieve a physical and mental balance through this harmonising treatment.

Stanglwirt's mountain stone massage

Massage Minutes Price
Full-body massage 75 mins. including relaxation period € 150,00

Lomi Lomi Nui

– also called the "queen of massages"… is an effective method from the Hawaiian body therapy tradition to boost the emotional and physical healing processes. Specific stroking and flowing movements and gently touching the body with warm coconut oil produces a feeling of warmth and security. Physical and emotional blockages are loosened. A deeply relaxing "LETTING GO" dissipates tension and stress and lets you embrace something new. Heave a sigh of relief and simply enjoy life!

Minutes Price
90 mins. including relaxaton perion € 190,00

Thai Massage

The tradition is for this multicultural form of massage to start with a foot bath. This is followed by gently stretching the ten selected energy lines, working rhythmically by applying pressure with palms, thumbs, knees, elbows and feet. This powerful and dynamic aspect is a feature of Thai massage, and invigorates the entire body. Its exceptionally beneficial effect is also helpful if you have back, neck and shoulder problems, or are feeling listless. The extension exercises thoroughly relax and stretch the muscles and joints, improving mobility and promoting the flow of blood and lymph. Some pain is unavoidable, but it soon turns into a gentle and positive awareness of life that mobilises your body.

This massage takes place on a mat, without the use of oil, so wear comfortable clothing.

Minutes Price
60 min. € 130,00
90 min. € 190,00

Some extra recommendations for our massage treatments

Before your massage, treat yourself to a relaxing and revitalising bath

Bath Minutes Price
Basic bath 40 mins. € 70,00
Rose petal bath 20 mins. € 40,00

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