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Regulatpro® Hyaluron

Since its foundation in 1939, Dr. Niedermaier Pharma GmbH has been setting new and revolutionary standards for millions of people keen to preserve their health and beauty the natural way. Through continuous research and technological innovation, the company has advanced to being a global market leader in fermented dietary supplements.

The REGULATESSENZ concentrate produced by the patented cascade fermentation method helps people in more than 55 countries throughout the world to preserve their health and beauty.

The anti-aging function of the globally unique REGULATESSENZ active ingredient is so exceptional, it is now also used in Regulatpro® Hyaluron, the most effective anti-aging beauty drink in the world, as well as in the unique Regulat® Beauty natural cosmetic products.

It is worth noting that Dr. Niedermaier Pharma GmbH has its own manufacturing facility in Hohenbrunn near Munich, where the unique, patented cascade fermentation method, the “ideal” fermentation process, is used in production. All the ingredients come from certified organic suppliers and undergo strict tests in their own laboratory.

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Wrinkle-free skin, a radiant complexion and a fresh glow? These are all things which women want, testing out any number of vastly different beauty tips and tricks every day until they finally find the unbeatable beauty weapon. Whether it's a new anti-aging cream, a quick visit to the beauty doctor, or grandma's tried and tested beauty recipe, no beauty sensation escapes us. But enough is enough! We have lost patience with the thousands of different creams, botox and all the rest, and proudly present our latest beauty discovery, the vegan anti-aging beauty drink: Regulatpro® Hyaluron!

It is no secret that a healthy diet, lots of water and exercise are helpful, but not enough to permanently prevent wrinkles. And do any of us have the time and discipline to turn our lives around completely and do without pizza, wine and all the rest? You don't have to either! Because we have the simplest way: the appropriate beauty drink. Now we can easily and painlessly drink ourselves youthfully beautiful with the entirely natural dietary supplement Regulatpro Hyaluron from Dr. Niedermaier!

The beauty treatment with the fruity taste not only invigorates hair, nails and connective tissue, it also miraculously benefits the skin in a quite amazing way, as well as protecting cells and boosting the immune system. And what makes it so special is that the new beauty hack is not applied to the skin; you drink it. The unique secret of its effect lies in the power of the completely natural Regulatessenz concentrate. The cascade-fermented enzyme concentrate acts like a taxi for the active ingredients (carrier effect) and immediately carries the beautifying ingredients in Regulatpro Hyaluron between the connective tissue and into the subcutaneous tissue – which is exactly where it takes effect! Unlike creams, Regulatpro Hyaluron not only works on the surface: it has a profound effect from inside, too. Hyaluronic acid, the wrinkl-killer, is able to act quickly and effectively. The result is up to 38% fewer wrinkles, increased skin hydration of up to 37%, skin that is up to 27% smoother, stronger hair and unbreakable nails.

We are not the only ones to be convinced by the vegan elixir of youth. Celebrities such as TV presenter Alexandra Polzin or model Cathy Hummels cannot curb their enthusiasm. The ultimate luxury drink for a wrinkle-free future has absolutely no animal or artificial ingredients.

We say bye-bye to wrinkles and join with you in raising a glass to this painless, yet highly-effective alternative!

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