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Pamper yourself with an exclusive spa treatment from the home of luxury and innovation. Landsberg - First Class Aesthetic, a pioneer in the field of non-invasive treatment concepts, offers an unparalleled range of non-invasive high-tech treatments here at the Stanglwirt. Every treatment is a step towards regenerative beauty. Experience Europe's no.1 non-invasive first-class high-tech aesthetic treatments and the world's leading treatment techniques and see a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your skin.


A new dimension in skin analysis.
Your skin has an incredible memory. Our VISIA® Gen7 high-tech skin analysis detects its current deficiencies and needs, and interprets its signals. As well as measuring relative skin age – what is called your TrueSkinAge® – and simulating the aging process, VISIA® Gen7 also describes your skin structure, partly by using key visible factors: lines and wrinkles, pores, and areas of hyperpigmentation or vascular inflammation.

This deep and objective examination forms the scientific basis for your FIRST CLASS SKIN beauty treatment and your own personal skincare routine. VISIA®, the global market leader in skin analysis, was originally developed for use in medicine and biotechnology research. Now, on the basis of this ultra-modern and accurate analysis, it is possible to put together your own personalised anti-aging treatment & perfect skincare routine.

Treatment Duration Price
VISIA® GEN7 30 minutes € 99,-

Now, on the basis of this ultra-modern and accurate analysis, it is possible to put together your own personalised anti-aging treatment & perfect skincare routine.


A favourite with Hollywood stars seeking beautiful, healthy skin.
JetPeel™ is the non-invasive way to achieve radiant skin. It has revolutionised the options for dealing cosmetically with the traces that life leaves behind on our skin. This treatment combines the latest jet engineering technology with the exacting standards of new-generation skincare by generating extremely fine high-velocity streams of micro-droplets and applying them to the skin at sub-sonic speeds. These powerful jet streams create micro-channels under the skin, opening up the deepest sub-dermal layers – and all completely without the use of needles or injections and without damaging the skin. Reflex lymphology, deep cleansing, firming and hydrating of the skin, contouring and modelling – the range of applications for JetPeel™ technology is vast. JetPeel™ uses fine aerosol jets to direct highly concentrated original JetCare™ treatment solutions at almost jet speed into the very deepest layers of your skin by hydroporation.

This is exactly where they can be most effective and their powerful ingredients will have the greatest benefit. This amazing new technology can be used not only for beauty treatments such as smoothing lines and wrinkles, firming, adding volume and giving you a smooth, fine-pored complexion, but also for dermatological skin therapies.


With the tried and tested JetPeelPro Duo™ treatment, we first remove the outermost layer of skin, quickly and gently. Then high doses of the latest active ingredients, boosters, valuable vitamins and hyaluronic acid are delivered deep into your skin. Pamper your skin with a unique treatment that is personalised to meet the special needs of your skin and will have an instantly visible effect!

Treatment Duration Price
JetPeelPro Duo™ First Class: face and neck 60 minutes € 399,-
JetPeelPro Duo™ First Class: face, neck and decolleté 90 minutes € 549,-


Using radio frequency technology in beautology.
A gentle anti-aging revolution. DermWave Pro™ VolumetriQ™ radio frequency (RF) technology is setting new standards and offering accurately controlled face lifting and body shaping. It is leading the way in non-invasive RF dermatological treatments with no side effects or recovery time. As a result of biological aging and external influences, the elasticity of the skin on your face, cheeks and round the eyes and mouth gradually declines. The stomach, arms, upper thighs and posterior can also visibly lose elasticity.

VolumetriQ™ speeds up the metabolism and directly promotes regeneration processes. It stimulates increased production of the superstars of skin elasticity, collagen and elastin. Thanks to precisely controlled modelling of the contours of your face and body, your skin structure is improved, becoming noticeably firmer so that lines and wrinkles can be gently smoothed away. Your skin will glow and regain its elasticity.

Treatment Duration Price
DermWave Pro™ face and neck 60 minutes € 449,-
DermWave Pro™ face, neck and decolleté 90 minutes € 549,-
Treatment Duration Price
DermWave™ Pro individual Body Shaping 30 minutes € 199,-
DermWave™ Pro individual Body Shaping 60 minutes € 299,-
DermWave™ Pro individual Body Shaping 90 minutes € 489,-

Possible areas for the treatment: Upper arms, belly, thighs, butt or knees

  • Vorher-Nachher mit Landsberg DermWave

    Vorher-Nachher mit Landsberg DermWave


Feather-light stimulation for a massive impact.
The TDDS - Nano-core technology. FEATHER TOUCH™ is the professional luxury high-tech tool that can also be used at home. It stimulates regenerative processes and cell communication and activate the synthesis of collagen and elastin. This is achieved by using the Trans Dermal Delivery System, or TDDS for short. TDDS is a technological revolution in dermatology.

The ultrafine nano-hollow pyramid needles have a nano-channel through which the substances and boosters specially created for this high-tech system are delivered deep into the skin by nanoporation as the FeatherTouch™ pulsates.


It has a rejuvenating effect on the skin and stimulates the production of the key proteins, elastin and collagen. These are the vital substances needed for smooth, healthy skin structure. Ideal also for use at home to achieve the optimal result – healthy, fine-pored skin.

Treatment Duration Price
FEATHER TOUCH™ First Class: face and neck 60 minutes € 299,-
FEATHER TOUCH™ First Clas: face, neck & decolleté 90 minutes € 419,-

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