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Verleihung des österreichischen und europäischen Umweltzeichens
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Eco labels

Stronger together for nature and sustainability – after decades as pioneers in ecological construction, we can now show our commitment even more clearly.

We have become one of the first leading hotels in Austria to be allowed to use both the Austrian and the European eco-labels. It's an important and visible signal to the outside world for all the guests, staff and friends of our "organic farm with its own 5-star luxury hotel". The two quality seals reflect both the outstanding quality of the product itself and the business's ethical basis and care for the environment and people's health. The eco-labels are governed by strict criteria and guidelines with which compliance must be confirmed in an independent audit every four years. The fact that we have been awarded the Austrian eco-label by the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology makes a strong statement about our dedication to sustainable production and to providing transparent information about the production, use and disposal of certain consumer goods in the interests of sustainability in the tourism industry.

As a business that has been family-run for ten generations, we are proudly continuing its all-embracing mission to protect the environment and the climate. After all, the Hauser family which owns the business now, along with the whole Stanglwirt team, has always been committed to sustainable tourism and it puts that commitment into practice every single day. For example, as early as 1980, owner Balthasar Hauser, a "visionary of green tourism" (a quote by Arnold Schwarzenegger), installed Europe's first biomass hotel heating system – with no outside funding. The host family's deep attachment to this region and their love of nature can be felt throughout the hotel. All new buildings are uncompromisingly environmentally-friendly and the main material used is local timber. The 170 rooms and suites are all fitted out exclusively with pine furniture, antibacterial floors made of local mountain larch, and organic straw couches.

Another of the cornerstones of the family's organic approach is to use renewable energy and keep CO2 emissions to a minimum. The hotel even follows the sustainability creed in the 12,000-square-metre rocky wellness worlds. Only natural mountain water from the hotel's own springs is used here, heated by the sun and geothermal energy. Thanks to a heat pump system, the wellness facilities are entirely energy self-sufficient. In all other parts of the hotel, 100% eco-electricity from a small hydroelectric power station in Tyrol has been used for over ten years now. Thinking sustainably, acting sustainably – this is the maxim which the Stanglwirt Green Spa Resort has been a pioneer in making a reality for over 40 years and it will continue to do so.

It was important to us that the standards which have been common practice for us for so long should be officially certified. As a leading hotel, we want to be a role model and show that sustainable tourism is possible even on this scale - because nature is so dear to our hearts.

Elisabeth Hauser-Benz

Elisabeth Hauser-Benz
  • The Austrian eco label

    The Austrian eco label

  • Green roofs and green philosophy

    Green roofs and green philosophy

  • The European eco label

    The European eco label

Organic facts
Organic facts

When it comes to luxury and comfort, nothing is left to chance at the Stanglwirt. Every alteration, extension and new building project is carried out in accordance with the Stanglwirt's eco-friendly ethos and meets the highest sustainability standards. Discover

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