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PEFC Award

Sustainability prize for the Stanglwirt

Blog post from Johannes Hauser

The Hauser family has won the renowned PEFC award for their commitment to sustainable forestry, biodiversity and conservation.

The Stanglwirt received the PEFC award for outstanding performance in forest management at the Austrian forestry industry event "Holzgespräche", which took place on 16th November 2017 in Eisenstadt.

PEFC is the leading international institution for promoting, safeguarding and marketing sustainable forestry and gives out the PEFC award in the "Forest" and "Chain of Custody" categories. Johannes Hauser, who is a junior director at the Stanglwirt and is responsible for agricultural and forestry management, collected the award in the "Forest" category for the Stanglwirt's exemplary dedication: "It is a very special honour to be recognised for our commitment and our work with such a prestigious award." The Hauser family cares for over 70 hectares of forest with many varieties of woodland and coniferous trees in Going, Ellmau, St. Johann i.T. and Kitzbühel, and strives to maintain a perfect balance for a sustainable forest.

"Their proactive commitment to promoting the PEFC principle of sustainability not only in the forestry industry, but also in the gastronomy and hotel industry, means that the Hauser family is an important representative and ambassador for the PEFC," said Hans Grieshofer, Chairman of PEFC Austria, about the Stanglwirt's success.

The Stanglwirt is therefore not only an eco-pioneer in agriculture, but also in the hotel industry. Diversity and traceability have always been key principles of our Green Spa Resort, located on lands that have been in our family since 1609. Regionality is our main concern when sourcing products. The buildings were designed and built to be uncompromisingly eco-friendly, and were therefore built exclusively using natural materials. We are also working together with the WWF and the University of Natural Resources in Vienna for worldwide climate and environmental protection and have been campaigning for decades on the issues of biodiversity, nature conservation and sustainability.

Homemade delicacies

Stangwirt without farming would be simply unthinkable. This is why we use so many truly authentic natural products from our own farm at the restaurant and at the hotel...

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