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Why we keep our feet on the ground


The passion for farming at the Stanglwirt goes back just as far as the love of folk music and fabled hospitality. Using natural resources sensibly has always been a high priority and farming traditions have been maintained. That's why the Stanglwirt is the only organic farm to have its own luxury hotel. Guests are treated to all kinds of delicacies from the farm.

Our farm extends over a total of 65 hectares of arable land and 52 hectares of pasture, spread over four municipal districts. We make all our own milk, curd cheese, butter, yoghurt, cheese and bread. In addition, we process about 6950 kg of beef in our own butchery. As we obviously cannot make everything ourselves, we take care to ensure that our suppliers deliver top-quality produce, if possible from the local region.

  • Lush mountain pastures

    Lush mountain pastures

    full of alpine herbs

  • Stangl Alm pasture

    Stangl Alm pasture

    1340 m

  • The cows on the

    The cows on the

    Stangl Alm pasture

Organic cheese from happy cows

At the heart of the Stanglwirt farm is the Graspoint high pasture, better known as the "Stangl Alm", at 1340 metres above sea level. Every summer, about 3 tonnes of tasty Stanglwirt gold-award-winning cheese is made here in the old traditional way, from unpasteurised milk in a copper cauldron over an open fire.

The handmade, prize-winning organic alpine cheese contains no flavour enhancers or unnecessary additives and is stored for two months on the Stangl Alm pasture before being transported – in the traditional way – on mules and Haflinger horses down to the stone-walled cellar near to the Green Spa Resort.

  • Organic alpine cheese

    Organic alpine cheese

    made the traditional way

  • Cheesemaking


    Stangl Alm pasture

  • The cheese

    The cheese


  • Truly



  • Pure


    natural produce

A thriving success

The roughly 15 cows who graze in lush meadows full of alpine herbs and flowers on the Stangl Alm, spending the whole summer from mid-June to September on the mountain, show their gratitude by giving us top-quality milk. Every year, they produce 140 tonnes of pure organic milk, which is what gives Stanglwirt dairy produce its incomparable flavour.

But cows are not the only animals living with us here at the Stanglwirt. Horses, ponies, sheep, hens, rabbits and many other animals are also "at home" at the Stanglwirt. The food that the animals need comes in the form of the lush grass that thrives on the farm's numerous fields and has to be mown and brought in several times a year. This is because in winter the animals eat only hay and no silage.

The pasture is calling

Would like an authentic farm experience during your stay at the Stanglwirt? Every Wednesday at 8 p.m. in the summer months you can join hostess Magdalena Hauser for a wonderful walk up to the Stangl Alm pasture.

If you prefer to take things easy, but would still like to see our happy cows, you can book yourself a table in the "cowshed room" at the Gasthof Stangl.
We look forward to receiving your table reservation on or +43 (0) 5358 2000 7921.

Organic facts

Organic facts
Organic facts

When it comes to luxury and comfort, nothing is left to chance at the Stanglwirt. Every alteration, extension and new building project is carried out in accordance with the Stanglwirt's eco-friendly ethos and meets the highest sustainability standards. Discover

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