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Children's Football Days at the Stanglwirt

The "Children of the Street" society has held its Football Days in Austria for the first time. In a partnership with us, 25 children from Going were invited to a special football day. The children received training from the association organised by Coerver Coaching regional managers Andy Haas and Alex Neugebauer. From 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., kids got a real kick out of being in the tennis hall where, just the previous week, Vladimir Klitschko had been preparing for his world championship boxing match.

For a short time, the hall was turned into a football arena. The kids learnt all about tricks of the trade, technique, scoring goals and other football skills.

As ever, fun and fairness were the main priorities. For the Stanglwirt, it stood to reason that we would organise and help fund this incredible football day.

"When I set up the organisation six years ago, I would never have dreamt that the Football Days would become such a big thing and that we would be able to play football with the children in this kind of setting," said a delighted chairman, Jo Eller.

The Hauser family and the whole Stanglwirt team loved to see the children's shining eyes. It motivates us to continue supporting associations and charity organisations in the long term. We would all like to thank Josef Eller and his team for such a memorable day!

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