Bio- und Wellnesshotel Stanglwirt
The "good soul" of the Hauser family and the Stanglwirt itself!

Magdalena Hauser

The "good soul" of the hotel, Stanglwirt hostess Magdalena Hauser is warm-hearted and kind, and looks after all the many invisible things in the background, both large and small, which make a stay at the Stanglwirt so very special. Whether it is the flower arrangements or the laundry, the singers' gathering or hikes with guests, the landlady of the Stanglwirt performs every task with gusto while remaining the calm centre of the whole hotel.

  • Managing the

    Managing the


  • Walks to the

    Walks to the

    Stangl Alm pasture

  • Hostess for the

    Hostess for the

    singers' gatherings

Together with our florist, Erika, the landlady of the Stanglwirt is responsible for about 200 metres of window boxes, about 50 large plant pots, all the table decorations and all the flower arrangements for any special event at the hotel. In summer, this hard-working boss organises the haymaking on the 100-hectare farm.

Every Wednesday, she personally introduces guests to the Stangl Alm on the Wilder Kaiser and she also organises the famous Stanglwirt singers' gatherings. As if that were not enough, Magdalena Hauser, together with six members of staff, also looks after about three tonnes of laundry every day, which, when spotless, must find its way back to yet more happy guests.

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