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Director of Marketing & PR

Maria Magdalena Hauser-Lederer

There can be no doubt that Maria Hauser-Lederer is a supreme multitasker, as she effortlessly performs several tasks to perfection at the same time. The elder daughter of Balthasar and Magdalena puts commitment and passion into her work managing marketing & PR, quality control at the hotel , the entire wellness and spa complex and, on top of that, all major events at the Stanglwirt: first and foremost, the famous White Sausage Party. Maria is a real bundle of energy who learned about the business of tourism at her mother's knee and is prepared to turn her hand to any task. A quality, in fact, that she shares with her siblings.

  • Organisation &

    quality control

  • Director of

    Marketing & PR

  • Managing the

    White Sausage Party

Even as a child, Maria was always willing to help her father with making plans and she contributed, for example, to the design of the children's farm. She helped the kitchen staff and the chambermaids, before following the call to explore the wider world after she left school. She studied "Tourism and Hospitality Business Administration" in Sydney, Australia, at one of the best hotel management universities in the world. After graduating, she then left for California. At the only Leading Hotel in San Diego, she worked her way up from sales assistant to special event manager, organising fashion shows and society events, often for up to 3000 guests.

When, in 2006, the post of Assistant Director at the Stanglwirt came up, Maria saw that the time had come to bid farewell to her life abroad and return for home. Despite her extensive experience in prestigious hotels, she first joined the family company as an assistant, because, even in her parents' business, she wanted to earn her spurs through her performance. Today Maria is one of the essential pillars of the hotel and keeps finding herself new areas of activity in which she becomes passionately engaged. Take, for example, the Stangl-Shop, which she not only manages but also enhances with her own stylish fashion creations.

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