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The Hauser family

The family - the foundation of success

Things work a bit differently "at home" at the Stanglwirt, where "family business" is not just a meaningless phrase and – despite the hotel having experienced an astounding rate of growth – it is still the mindset of the farmer that determines everything that happens. This is what makes the Stanglwirt so unique in its structure and its commercial success.

Balthasar Hauser

Balthasar Hauser, the sole executive director and the Stanglwirt personified, who only ever wanted to be a farmer but for whom fate had a different role in mind from when he was still very young, has indeed become a committed host, but one whose unbounded love of farming, animals and nature defines every aspect of his life. Every corner of the Stanglwirt bears impressive testimony to this. The approach to new ideas, plans and buildings is uncompromisingly environmentally friendly and projects are consistently implemented using only natural materials, with Arolla pine wood having become the most important and influential building material in the hotel. If the terms authenticity and tradition were not now so often half-heartedly bandied about and misused, they would have had to be re-invented to describe the Stanglwirt. The entire Hauser family lives and acts according to precisely these basic principles, the essential cornerstones of their innovative work and the secret of their closeness and therefore of their success.

It was Balthasar Hauser's mother Anna who laid the foundations for this approach, and her far-sighted son has built on them with inexhaustible creativity and energy, making them an integral part of the Stanglwirt that continues to be supported 100% by his family.

Magdalena Hauser

Magdalena Hauser is the heart and soul of the Hauser family and therefore of the Stanglwirt: Magdalena is the hostess of the Stanglwirt who, with her warmth and endearing modesty, pulls the invisible threads which hold the hotel together.

Whether it's a question of the flowers, the laundry, the legendary singers' gatherings or the popular walks with guests - she is the "good soul" and the calm centre of the hotel. Her days are punctuated by her responsibility for the flower arrangements, which she shares with her "busy bee" florist, Michaela. Great importance is attached to real flowers and plants at the Stanglwirt, and this of course requires a great deal of loving care and attention and those famous green fingers. In summer, Magdalena Hauser is also often to be found out in the fields, where she helps energetically with the haymaking. She is responsible for the organisation and encouraging those Stanglwirt employees who have a farming background to join in. "We just all have to help together," says the Stanglwirt's hostess, who herself pitches in as a matter of course wherever an extra pair of hands is needed. Her area of responsibility also includes the work of the laundry, where six employees deal with an absolutely incredible workload of nearly three tonnes of laundry every day (!). Nothing is sent out from the Stanglwirt - from the chef's jackets and the staff uniforms to the tablecloths, bed linen and guests' laundry, everything is kept absolutely spotless in-house. It's no wonder that, faced with this almost unimaginable mountain of washing, the machines (each with a capacity of about 200 kg), run virtually non-stop from 5.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.

Maria Hauser-Lederer

Maria Hauser-Lederer, the elder daughter and mother of the Stanglwirt's little ray of sunshine "Leni" (born in 2013), returned to the family business after successfully graduating in Australia and working as an event manager in the USA.

She immediately joined the management team and is currently responsible for marketing, PR, major events (such as the White Sausage Party), shops, beauty, lifestyle and fashion (including having her own label), and, following the expansion of the spa & wellness facilities, she is now in charge of that vast area, too.

Elisabeth Hauser

Elisabeth Hauser is the younger daughter at the Stanglwirt who, in 2012, followed the tempting call of home and returned, full of zeal, from Switzerland, where she had been the assistant general manager for a renowned hotel chain.

Since then, she has been acting as executive director Balthasar Hauser's right-hand woman and is in charge of administration and HR, a department that she has recently established. She also dedicates all her passion and expertise to the hotel's riding stables and the breeding programme for its noble Lipizzaner horses.

Johannes Hauser

Johannes Hauser, the youngest chip off the Hauser block, joined the rest of his siblings on the management team in 2013 where he's been working with the characteristic Hauser zeal ever since. Together with Daniel Campbell, the skilled and passionate farmer is responsible for the Food & Beverage side of the Stanglwirt and also oversees the hotel's farm and homemade products. Johannes Hauser is also the first port of call for all things related to cheese-making and fishing.
Johannes Hauser ensures that operations at the 51-hectare Stanglwirt farm run smoothly and makes sure that hotel guests have an abundance of delicious homemade products to enjoy every day in all of the hotel's restaurants.

Trixi Moser

Trixi Moser has been the famous exception to the Stanglwirt rule for a long time, being the only non-family member to run the hotel's operations alongside the Hauser children – and deservedly so. She has been with the hotel and the family for nearly 30 years, making her the go-to person for almost anything and everything to do with accommodation. That's not all though; Trixi is also very familiar with the rest of the hotel's operations and is highly committed to ensuring each and every guest enjoys their stay.

Daniel Campbell

Daniel Campbell has been the Food & Beverage Director since 2019, overseeing the culinary talent at each of the hotel's restaurants and bars. As the supervisor of 145 staff members in total, Daniel is responsible for all of the hotel's culinary delights and manages the professional teamwork between service and kitchen staff. He also oversees inventory management and controlling, and working closely with Johannes Hauser, he ensures that all of the hotel's guests receive the best care, day in day out.

Richard Hauser

Richard Hauser, who joined the business in 1994 as head of administration, has been by his father Balthasar's side throughout the steady growth of the Stanglwirt brand and has seen a fourfold increase in the volume of business.

He has always worked on his own interests in parallel to the hotel (including, among many others, establishing the Kitzbühel Country Club), and now, after 20 highly successful years at the Stanglwirt and thanks to the new family arrangements at the hotel, since the end of 2014 he has been able to devote more energy to his entrepreneurial activities. He continues to be happy to offer advice and assistance to his parents' business.

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