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Feng Shui Tyrolean-style

The eco-friendly hotel

It isn't just by chance that you feel at home right away at the Green Spa Resort Stanglwirt. In addition to the warm hospitality of the Hauser family and the Stanglwirt team, the simple Tyrolean architecture of the building also welcomes you with open arms and makes your stay at the Stanglwirt a real feel-good experience. The Stanglwirt is always true to its principles, even when it comes to fabric of its buildings. Wood is our main love. In all its forms. For example, to build the "Auf der Tenne" hotel bar, timber from old barns was lovingly made into rustic panels by craftsmen. Instead of steel girders, only wooden beams are used at the Stanglwirt and the widespread use of local Arolla pine wood creates a healthy, soothing atmosphere.

  • Feel-good experience

    Feel-good experience

    At home at the Stanglwirt

  • Tyrolean architecture

    Tyrolean architecture

    Wonderful wood

  • Traditional



  • Individual in every way

    Individual in every way

    Healthy atmosphere

  • Local wood

    Local wood

    Beneficial well-being

Wood also plays an important role in many other areas. Our environmentally friendly biomass heating plant uses almost exclusively bark waste from nearby sawmills. Furthermore, all the wooden bricks and shingles are secured not with cement as they normally are, but with lime mortar.

Summary of a few examples of our eco-friendly methods:

  • Only solid wood furniture, no fibreboard
  • No beds located on electromagnetic fields
  • Wooden bricks and shingles secured with lime mortar instead of cement
  • Wooden beam ceilings in place of the usual steel girders
  • Biomass heating plant (bark from nearby sawmills)
  • Homemade food (meat, sausage, dairy produce, vegetables)
  • No chemical cleaning agents
  • Conscientious separation of waste
  • Woollen carpets
  • Bed-linen, upholstery, towels, etc. all made from cotton and linen
The eco-friendly hotel
Natural high-quality materials

No corners or sharp edges

Our responsible, sensible use of natural high-quality materials at the Stanglwirt goes hand-in-hand with harmonious interior design. There are no corners or sharp edges here, so nothing that your children could bump into. In the bedrooms, you will also only find natural materials such as solid wood furniture, cotton, wool and linen. In other words, we provide everything you need to enjoy a completely relaxing stay.

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