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Exclusive white wines created with the Tement winery

Triad for wine-lovers

We are now serving our own organic wines, produced in partnership with the renowned and innovative Tement winery in southern Styria. In keeping with our host family's musical background, the two newly created wines go by the name DREIKLANG ("triad") - with a Gelber Muskateller (Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains) and a Sauvignon Blanc to choose between. What's special about them is that the grapes are grown in dedicated vineyards, used solely for these two wines.

"The Stanglwirt has always been a musical business - our grandparents and parents sang and still enjoy singing in a trio, just as we, their children, do. It creates what is called a triad and for us that means harmony and shared enjoyment,"

explains junior director Johannes Hauser.

  • Presentation of our wines in our restaurant

  • Hauser Family with Armin Tement

  • Armin Tement proudly pours the wine

DREIKLANG Ried STEINBACH FÜRST Gelber Muskateller 2019


The DREIKLANG Ried STEINBACH FÜRST Gelber Muskateller 2019 is cultivated in Tement's top muscat growing location, Steinbach–Fürst. The high, south-east-facing vineyard is on sandy, red soil. The grapes were harvested by hand in October 2019 and then the muscat wine spent two years maturing on yeast in a steel tank, before being bottled without filtering. The result is a fine lime-flavoured wine with notes of lemongrass, making it not only a very pleasant aperitif but also an ideal accompaniment to entrées and fish dishes. "We are very proud to be making this wine in partnership with the Stanglwirt," says winemaker Armin Tement. "Our family regards the Hauser family and the Stanglwirt as excellent role models, hoteliers who keep up with the times."

DREIKLANG EHRENHAUSEN Korallenkalk Sauvignon Blanc 2019


The DREIKLANG EHRENHAUSEN Korallenkalk Sauvignon Blanc 2019 comes from the best vineyards in the village of Ehrenhausen in southern Styria; they are characterised by a cool climate and fertile coral limestone soil. The vines are at least twenty years old and the grapes were harvested by hand. Then the must was left to macerate for a few hours on the skins. After slow and careful pressing, the grape juice was drained off into an old, 3000-litre Styrian oak barrel where it matured for two years on fine yeast before being bottled, unfiltered, in December 2021. The result is an elegant, well-balanced wine with a mineral flavour that reflects its terroir perfectly. The Sauvignon Blanc goes well with lighter meals, fish dishes and vegetarian food. However, it is also the perfect way to round off the evening in the bar.

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