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Good for backs and joints

The stone sauna

A visit to the stone sauna (50°C) is really beneficial for joint and back pain. The warm, variegated sandstone boulders don't just create a sheltered environment, they store heat, which is then gently released. This means that you reap the benefit of their healing effect on your limbs and joints, every time you visit the stone sauna.

General rules for the saunas

  • Always take a shower before visiting the sauna
  • Dry yourself after your shower
  • Never stay longer in the sauna than you feel comfortable, normally 15 minutes per session is sufficient
  • Use a large towel in the sauna to sit or lie on
  • Do not wear swimwear in the sauna
  • After leaving the sauna, spend a short time in the air bath
  • First use the hose to cool off your arms and legs. You always begin the cooling off process furthest from your heart. Only then do you cool off your torso.
  • Do not do any exercises in the sauna and don't talk too much!
  • Before standing up and leaving the sauna, sit up slowly and don't get up too quickly! (Risk of fainting)
  • After the sauna, rest for 20 minutes and drink plenty of water, tea or fruit juice!

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