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The way to inner harmony


The essence of the Indian health teachings

Add more years to your life and more life toyour years.


Ayurvedic full body massage
Warm oil is poured over every square inch of skin, which is then massaged, smoothed and pampered. A wonderful feeling of inner harmony flows through all the nerve cells in your body and all your sense.

Massage Minutes Price
ABHYANGA 60 Minutes € 140,–
80 Minutens € 170,–
  • Deep



  • Long-lasting



  • Simply


    feel at home

Body treatments

Kaiser massages
Kaiser massages

The massage begins with an expert consultation, during which the therapist puts together your individual treatment. Our therapists are particularly adept at meeting your requirements... More information

Just the two of you
Just the two of you

Make the time you spend together a real highlight. You and your partner can enjoy the intimacy of togetherness at our wellness resort. How about a relaxing treatment for couples in our Stanglwirt spa... More information


Following a Rolfing® treatment, the results - the perception of having a ”new“ body, feeling calmer and more relaxed, breathing more freely and moving more easily and freely - can start to take effect... More informationBIOMECHANICAL THER APIST SASCHA BAUER

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