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Effective, innovative and highly regarded!



Do yourself some good with BYONIK. BYONIK is good for you.

The company behind the success of the BYONIK method is beauty lumis GmbH. This international company based in Munich has concentrated on developing and manufacturing high quality, innovative concepts, technologies and cosmetic anti-aging products which are "Made in Germany". When it comes to medical cosmetics, skin rejuvenation, biolifting, hyaluronic acid and laser treatments, BYONIK is your experienced partner.

You, too, can benefit from this pain-free process with a lasting effect, giving you more radiant and all-round beautiful skin.

Effective, innovative and highly regarded! Have you just noticed that the first little lines are appearing on your face, or that your complexion looks tired and uneven, with enlarged pores? Byonik laser treatment allows the hyaluronic acid to be more effectively absorbed by the skin, guaranteeing a lasting and visible smoothing effect on lines and wrinkles, even after the very first treatment.

BYONIK - Results after the first treatment:

  • Lines and wrinkles visibly reduced
  • Smoother, fresher complexion
  • Finer pores
  • More radiant appearance

BYONIK - Results after several treatments:

  • Skin appears fuller
  • Lips appear plumper
  • Firmer skin
  • Better moisture retention in the skin
  • Further visible reduction of lines and wrinkles

BYONIK facial

  • Facial cleansing
  • Enzyme peeling
  • Injection of intensive anti-aging serum and hyaluronic acid gel with gentle lasers
  • Moisturising facial massage
  • Personalised finishing treatments
  • 60 mins €170.00 incl. one ampoule

BYONIK additional treatments

BYONIK additional treatments

Treatment Minutes Price
Neck 20 mins. €60.00 incl. one ampoule
Décolletage 20 mins. €60.00 incl. one ampoule
Hands 40 mins. €80.00 incl. one ampoule



Treatment Minutes Price
Diamond micro dermabrasion 15 mins. €70.00
Thorough deep-cleansing - €25.00
Highly concentrated active ingredient ampoules - €30.00

Look younger now.
Visibly and safely. With BYONIK.

Looking good makes us feel happy.
Treat yourself to the happiness of younger-looking skin with BYONIK. You will love the visible and lasting effect of this natural, pleasant biolifting method.

Effective, innovative and highly regarded.
Whether you start early with BYONIK or already have more mature skin: don't take any risks when rejuvenating your skin. The best option for biolifting is the BYONIK method - a specially developed hyaluronic acid treatment, combined with the BYONIK laser process, specifically developed on scientific principles for this purpose. BYONIK is tested 100% Made-in-Germany quality.

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