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For a beautiful holiday

Your personal well-being time in the Stanglwirt wellness resort seems to pass in slow motion. Which suits our comprehensive anti-aging programme perfectly. Choose from a variety of therapeutic and effective applications and let our dermatologically trained specialist beauticians provide personal advice.

Minutes Price
40 mins. Price by request
60 mins. Price by request
90 mins. Price by request
120 mins. Price by request

Diamond Microdermabrasion

Our recommendation before every facial treatment and for a perfect and effective outcome. Diamond microdermabrasion removes rough skin in a controlled and painfree way. The process of skin cell renewal is stimulated, porosity is improved, small wrinkles are reduced and the skin is then at its most receptive to the benefits of your individual care product.

Treatment Price
Diamond microdermabrasion for face € 70.00
Diamond microdermabrasion for neck & décolleté € 35.00

Deluxe diamond microdermabrasion

If you want to achieve the best possible outcome as quickly as possible, then this intensive, short treatment is justwhat you are looking for. Products individually tailored for you, in combination with diamond microdermabrasion, bring radiance to your skin with a fresh complexion that makes your skin feel great.

  • Cleansing
  • Diamond microdermabrasion
  • Ampoule
  • Finishing treatment
Treatment Minutes Price
Deluxe diamond microdermabrasion 20 min € 100.00
Cosmetic treatments

Feel simply great

Stanglwirt anti-aging cocktail

Unique to our Stanglwirt SPA! The optimum beauty power secret weapon for a fresh, youthful look. An intensive concentration of high-quality active ingredients, individually tailored to your own skin type.

  • Cleansing
  • Enzyme/ fruit acid exfoliation
  • Diamond microdermabrasion
  • Steam
  • Deep cleanse
  • Cooling algae mask
  • Cold laser therapy, channelling hyaluronic acid and collagens
  • Tightening and indulgent facial, neck and décolletée massage
  • Individual finishing treatment according to Dr. Barbara Sturm principles
Treatment Minutes Price
Stanglwirt anti-aging cocktail 110 mins. € 380.00
We recommend
Microneedling for face with the mesopen € 250.00
Microneedling for neck with mesopen € 50.00
Microneedling for décolleté with the mesopen € 50.00
Intensive treatment/ active ingredient ampoule individually tailored to your complexion € 25.00

Small Stanglwirt anti-aging cocktail

  • Cleansing
  • Enzyme/fruit acid exfoliation
  • Cold laser therapy, channelling hyaluronic acid and collagens
  • Tightening and indulgent facial, neck and décolleté massage
  • Individual finishing treatment according to Dr. Barbara Sturm principles
Treatment Minutes Price
Small Stanglwirt anti-aging cocktail 60 mins. € 190,00
We recommend
Diamond microdermabrasion for face € 70,00
Diamond microdermabrasion for neck & décolleté € 35,00

Special effect treatment

This facial treatment is specifically tailored to your own skin type, giving an intensive effect in only 40 minutes. Special effect serums are combined in a high-quality creation that addresses all skin needs with maximum effect.

  • Cleansing
  • Exfoliation
  • Special effect serum
  • Massage
  • Finishing treatment
Treatment Minutes Price
Special effect treatment 40 mins. € 90,00

Well-being for hands & feet

SPA manicure

Treatment Description Price
SPA manicure Therapeutic and intensive well-being treatments for nails and hands, with exfoliation, massage and mask. This treatment moisturises your skin and provides lasting nourishment. Without varnish
€ 90,00
Manicure without varnish € 60,00
Manicure with carnish € 70,00
Manicure with UV varnish € 90,00
New gel nails € 95,00
Gel nail touchup € 90,00
Gel nail repair € 20,00
Nail varnishing € 30,00
UV varnish in a variety of colours € 60,00
UV varnish removal € 25,00

SPA Pedicure

Treatment Description Price
SPA pedicure Intensive care for the feet. We don't often pay much attention to our feet, which is why you should spoil them every now and again! This well-being treatment includes moisturising exfoliation and a relaxing foot massage. The pampering mask ensures lasting nourishment and an even skin tone. Without varnish € 95,00
Pedicure without varnish € 80,00
Pedicure with varnish - € 90,00
Pedicure mit UV varnish € 100,00
Nail varnishing € 30,00
UV warnish in a veriety of colours € 60,00
UV varnish removal € 25,00
Gel French varnishing incl. foot bath an cuticle care € 75,00


Treatment Price
A nourishing paraffin bath for your hands, including intensive anti-aging active ingredient ampoule € 30,00

Additional treatments

Treatment Price
Bridal make-up & beauty elixir € 90.00
Individual make-up € 60.00
Eye lash tint € 16.00
Eyebrow tint € 12.00
Lash & brow tint € 25.00
Brow shaping € 10.00

Permanent make-up

Permanent lid

Permanent make-up highlights your natural beauty, balances unevenness, optimises contours or conceals small flaws. Accentuate your natural appearance with a suitable permanent make-up that is tailored to your skin type by our expert.

Top-quality, precision work is only to be expected. We will be happy to arrange an appointment for an in-depth consultation about your make-up needs.

Xtreme Lashes

Michelle_Closed_Before and After_CROP_02.23.2016

A method of application specifically developed by Xtreme Lashes and perfectly tailored materials (adhesive and lash extensions) ensure permanent and naturally beautiful eyelash extensions. Depending on the number and colour of the Xtreme Eyelash extensions, your look will be natural or deliberately outrageous. Permanently beautiful, natural eyelashes used to be only for Hollywood stars, but now you too can make your dream come true. Xtreme Lashes eyebrow extensions make it possible.

Eyelash touchups € 150,00
New eyelash extensions € 299,00

Hair removal with hot wax

Treatment Price
Full leg €60.00
Full leg including bikini zone €90.00
Bikini zone €40.00
Leg to knee €45.00
Underarms €40.00
Top lip €15.00
Chin €15.00
Forearms €40.00

Cosmetic Treatments

Molecular cosmetics by Dr. Barbara Sturm

Molecular cosmetics by Dr. Barbara Sturm
Molecular cosmetics by Dr. Barbara Sturm

Beautifully youthful, firm and healthy skin without surgery is what the beauty expert Dr. Barbara Sturm is known for. Her treatments and cosmetics are passed around as an insider's tip in Hollywood. More information

Klapp Cosmetics

Klapp Cosmetics
Klapp Cosmetics

Continuous research and the development of new, high-tech, active ingredients and products, and more than 35 years of experience... More information

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