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Harald Kitz

The haki method is a holistic and bespoke concept for people who need to clear their heads. The form of the treatment itself is unique and is carried out by
specially trained therapists. This multi award-winning treatment method concentrates on the shoulder, neck and head, alleviating pressure in these areas and reinvigorating your body, putting you in the right mood. Whether in water or on the massage table, this is a unique, top-quality treatment.

haki® Days
The haki® days take place regularly at our Stanglwirt SPA, where Harald Kitz personally provides individual treatment at the Stanglwirt SPA:

June 20 - 22, 2022
July 11 - 13, 2022
September 12 - 14, 2022
October 17 - 19, 2022
November 14 - 16, 2022
December 12 - 14, 2022

  • A holistic

    A holistic


  • An award-winning

    An award-winning

    treatment method

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    The body

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About Harald Kitz

Haki at the Stanglwirt with Harald Kitz

Harald Kitz comes from Carinthia. His long-standing experience as a therapist gathered around the world and his special talent as a musician form the basis for his haki treatment concept.

The key milestones in his development as a therapist include:
- The Dr Vodder School for complex physical therapy
- His work as a therapist in Madrid
- Many years spent working in the 'Privatklinik Althofen' private hospital in Carinthia, in particular under the guidance of orthopaedist Dr Henry Puff
- The collaboration with jaw and dental specialist Dr Ruzena Schwarz
- Numerous international internship and study trips, especially to Asia
- The insight to combine vibrations and rhythm with massage techniques.

Now he is bringing his haki method to the world, so that as many stressed people as possible can benefit from his effective and therapeutic treatments. His has strong roots in his homeland. His exclusive work as a therapist in the Stanglwirt is extremely important to him. It enables him to apply and develop his keen instinct for the art of touch each and every day. Working in close contact with guests and fellow therapists, he is quickly able to identify how the needs of our "stressed human race" are evolving.

haki® method


haki® stretch & relax

Well-being starts in the head. This treatment concentrates specifically on the shoulder, neck and head area. Specific pulling, pressure and stretching movements achieve a vibrating effect.

Massage Minutes Price
HAKI® STRETCH & RELAX 50 Minutes including relaxation period € 110,–
Treatment by Harald Kitz 50 Minutes including relaxation period € 120,–

haki® sacral

The aim of haki Sacral is to relieve the tension in your back between the lower back and buttocks. The special effect is achieved by gentle pressure, elongation and vibration, which relax and harmonise the nerves in the lumbar region, sacral bone and buttock area.

Massage Minutes Price
HAKI® SACRAL 25 Minutes € 75,–
Treatment by Harald Kitz 25 Minutes € 85,–

haki® Sacral Deluxe

- back treatment for women
Starting at the neck, moving over the back and ending in the lumbar region, the deliberate and careful touches relieve tension, which is then removed from the body by the rhythm and vibration of the specific pressure. The core of the body is activated. The sacral cushion – that has been tested by bioresonance – is beneficially incorporated into the treatment.

Massagae Minutes Price
HAKI® SACRAL DELUXE 40 Minutes € 90,–
Treatment by Harald Kitz 40 Minutes € 100,–

haki® purna

In haki Purna, specially trained therapists apply haki techniques from the soles of your feet to the top of your head to re-establish balance in your body.

Massage Minutes Price
HAKI® PURNA 80 Minutes including relaxation period € 180,–
Treatment by Harald Kitz 80 Minutes including relaxation period € 190,–

haki® flow

Coming alive in water – during a haki Flow treatment, the body is pulled, stretched, sensed and perceived. Thanks to the natural progression of haki, we can now not only elongate and rotate the shoulder, neck and head, but also and wonderfully the entire length of the spine and pelvis. The therapist guides the body through the water and you will be able to feel it stretching and becoming longer. Effortlessly riding a wave – for all those who love water and its healing power.

Massage Minuten Price
HAKI® FLOW 80 Minutes including relaxation period € 180,–
Treatment by Harald Kitz 80 Minutes including relaxation period € 190,–

haki® water and earth

The climax of the haki philosophy for a clear head and a clear path. Combining special treatments in water and on the table to achieve pure relaxation. 7200 seconds to channel pressure and stress out of your body.

Massage Minutes Price
HAKI® WATER AND EARTH 120 Minutes including relaxation period € 250,–
Treatment by Harald Kitz 120 Minutes including relaxation period € 260,–

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