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Stanglwirt's Kaiser massages

Kaiser massage at the Stanglwirt

A bespoke treatment specifically tailored to your needs. The massage begins with an expert consultation, during which the therapist puts together your individual treatment. Our therapists are particularly adept at meeting your requirements.

This treatment can have a broad spectrum of effects, so it can be energising, intense and activating, orgentle, harmonising and relaxing. You will feel totally at ease and pampered. Choose your preferred massage oil from a selection of three premium-quality oils.

Massage in the broadest sense is one of the oldest healing methods known to man. Massages benefit the body, mind and soul. Your skin, muscles and tissues relax simply by being touched. We are happy to address your own personal problem zones.

Traditional massage

Minutes Price
30 min. € 70,00
50 mins. € 100,00
60 min. € 120,00

Sports massage

This invigorating treatment regenerates stressed muscles and tissues while relieving tension. The cramping that occurs during exercise can be released by targeted stretching techniques. Your body’s energy and ability to perform are stimulated, unleashing new vitality.

Sports massage

Minutes Price
Sports massage 50 mins. € 100,00

Foot reflexology massage

...with a warm, deeply relaxing neck shawl
The entire body is treated and harmonised by an invigorating, activating foot bath and the special foot reflexology massage technique. Your feet are a reflection of the strengths and weaknesses of your entire body. This massage can therefore target specific areas.

Minutes Price
50 min. € 90,00

A beneficial and effective combination of the two massages. Choose your favourite massage oil from our top-quality LIGNE ST. BARTH or ALPIENNE oils.

Minutes Price
Stanglwirt partial body & foot reflexology massage 60 mins. € 130,00
Stanglwirt full body & foot reflexology massage 90 mins. € 180,00

Lymph drainage

The lymph system is the lifeline of the human body. A gentle massage technique stimulates lymph circulation and decongests the system. At the same time, this massage eliminates excess water and relaxes. We use a combination of menthol oil and ivy gel from the LIGNE ST. BARTH range for a perfect result.

Minutes Price
35 mins. € 70,00
60 mins. € 120,00

St.Barth Relaxation - exfoliation & relaxation massage

A relaxing exfoliating massage for soft, velvety and even skin. Fruit enzymes with papaya freshly prepared just for you and a special, mineralising sea sand complex remove the dead skin cells. The subsequent relaxation massage with avocado oil or coconut oil lastingly nourishes the skin and pampers you with fragrant nutrients.

Minutes Price
90 mins. € 180.00

Just the two of you

Just the two of you
Just the two of you

Make the time you spend together a real highlight. You and your partner can enjoy the intimacy of togetherness at our wellness resort. How about a relaxing treatment for couples in our Stanglwirt spa... Discover

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