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Stanglwirt Felsenbad Whirlpool
Can you feel the call of the sea?

The rock whirlpool

Enjoy the highly relaxing, pleasant tingling sensation that you get from our rock whirlpool (36°C). Wallow in the bubbles of this fascinating whirlpool bath in the rock worlds, enjoying the harmonious setting and unique atmosphere as well as a real Stanglwirt highlight: the whirlpool is the best place from which to observe our marine aquarium with a view of the Wilder Kaiser thrown in for good measure.

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Using resources carefully

Our spring water

Whether for the sports swimming pool or rock spa, the water world for children or the natural bathing lake, the water we use at the Stanglwirt comes exclusively from our ample, groundwater reservoir. This not only dramatically cuts the hotel's running costs, but also fits in with the fundamental green ethos of the Stanglwirt.

Spring water
Spring water

It's not just our restaurant guests who appreciate the water from the hotel's own Kaiser spring... Discover

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