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Here goes!

The giant water slide

Children's water world

You don't get long to enjoy the beautiful view of the Wilder Kaiser once you have reached the start of the 120 metres of fun that is the giant water slide. You can't help suddenly develop genuine tunnel vision. Now (if not before), even grown men become like giggling children as they try to break the track record by making themselves as streamlined as possible.

Even if, in the end, their attempt to beat the incredible record time of 13 seconds has been unsuccessful, children large and small go back again and again to enjoy the multi-coloured lighting and music every time they slide. So it only remains for us to say: Have fun and enjoy the ride!

The giant children's water world

A big adventure for the little ones

Do you fancy splashing about while watching a film at the same time? Then you and your children will be delighted with the Stanglwirt children's water world! You can watch a classic children's film straight from the large children's pool, at our special pool cinema. A unique experience for everyone.

Children's water world
Children's water world

Swimming pools of different depths – ideal for children of all ages – guarantee a safe and fun swimming experience... Discover

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