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The cowshed window

One of the most famous features of the Stanglwirt is the cowshed window in the Gasthof Stangl inn. When you're in the moo-o-d for food here, you can enjoy the unique experience of watching our contented cows in their cowshed, directly from the dining room. Our cowshed window is so famous that it's all the more amazing how it came about: by pure chance.

How now, brown cow?

An unaccustomed insight

Restaurant with window into the cowshed - Stanglwirt

When the building was being converted, a window on to the cowshed on the north side was exposed, which the famous architect Albertini, from Wörgl, wanted to block up straightaway. But Alois Hofer, the father of the current host of the Stanglwirt, Balthasar Hauser, insisted on keeping the window, despite the architect's objections, and so created a new and eye-catching feature.

Despite some initial problems with odour and sealing off the window, in the end the conversion was a big success and the window on to the cowshed became a sensational attraction.

A Stanglwirt speciality

Close en-cow-nter

Now the Gasthof Stanglwirt without the cowshed window would be inconceivable, and it continues to exert a magical attraction for visitors. You, too, can experience this very special Stanglwirt feature on your next visit. We'll be pleased to receive your table reservation at or on +43 (0) 5358 2000-7921.

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    <strong>Our menu</strong><br><br>Whatever your heart desires...<br>Here you will find our current menu, so you can take your time and see what delights await you!

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