Bio- und Wellnesshotel Stanglwirt
Top up your energy levels

Life-giving water

There's a good reason why you feel like a fish in water as soon as you arrive at the Stanglwirt. Water is an element that is given plenty of space to work its magic here, and that most refreshing commodity is celebrated in all its sparkling diversity.

A visit to the spa and wellness area will soon restore your energy levels. Take a dip in the natural swimming lake, for example, where you can simply drift away in an oasis of calm. Or in the amazing rock pool, where you'll be soothed by the swishing of the waterfall. If you prefer to take the plunge, there are whole pools full of opportunity, or just go with the flow and follow the thrill-seekers to the giant water slide, with timing system, in the children's water world.

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    elixir of life


Good health!

Afterwards, we recommend a refreshing drink from the hotel's own Kaiserquelle spring. But the water is not just a healthy and delicious thirst-quencher – thanks to heat pumps, it also reliably supplies large parts of our Green Spa Resort with energy.

Water quality

The water from our own Kaiser-Quelle spring is a refreshing elixir, brings new energy and activates your spirits...

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    Stanglwirt Kaiser spring

    Fishing for well-being

    If you want to satisfy your thirst for fresh energy in even greater tranquillity, you'll find yet more relaxing watery energy centres nearby. For example, in the Stanglwirt fishing grounds, where you can see for yourself how happy our fish are in the clear waters.

    Stanglwirt fishing grounds

    Stanglwirt fishing grounds
    Stanglwirt fishing grounds

    The extensive Stanglwirt fishing grounds seem to be made for spending relaxed downtime in absolute wilderness. Discover

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