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Deep roots

Rejuvenating earth

Perhaps it's because we are so deeply rooted in the land that our guests feel so comfortable with us. For us, working with nature and using the available natural resources sensibly is simply logical.

With regard to eco-friendly building, we respect the wonderful piece of this Earth that we have been lucky enough to call "home" for centuries. Sustainability and environmental considerations are our top priority in every conversion, extension or new building project.

  • Deeply rooted

    Deeply rooted

    in the land

  • Our environmental credentials &

    Our environmental credentials &


  • Pioneers in

    Pioneers in

    green hotel management

Close to nature

As a pioneer in green hotel management, the Stanglwirt has always been a fertile source of environmentally sensible solutions. Our biomass power plant – powered by bark waste from local sawmills – has been supplying the Stanglwirt with environmentally friendly heating since 1980. When it comes to electricity, we also rely on Tyrolean quality and meet all our needs from 100% CO2-free eco-power from Ökoenergie Tirol GmbH. As a guest of the Stanglwirt, you will even be able to taste how close to nature we are. That's because our milk, curd cheese, butter, yoghurt, cheese and bread all come directly from the hotel's own farm.

Tyrolean quality

As you can see, working with nature is very deep-rooted at the Stanglwirt. We would be all the more pleased if you come to love and appreciate our little patch of Earth as much as we do...

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Green <br><strong>hotel management</strong>

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