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Our stables team

Elisabeth Hauser - stud manager

ElisabethPferd 2

I first learned to ride on our pony Susi when I was just 5 years old. She still lives on our children's farm today. At 7, I began learning to ride the Lipizzaners and so I have loved this noble breed since childhood. I became a keen dressage rider and enjoyed some success at high-level tournaments all over Austria.

Because I grew up with our Stanglwirt Lipizzaners, I have learned a great deal about breeding these graceful and intelligent horses ever since I was a child. Since I joined the family business in summer 2012, I have had the good fortune of being able to indulge my passion professionally and now I am responsible for managing the hotel's riding school and the Lipizzaner breeding programme.

Every day, I think how lucky I am to be able to work with these noble horses and look after them, so that both the horse and the riders feel entirely comfortable and "at home" here with us at the Stanglwirt.

Lisa Frimberger - team leader in the riding school

Lisa Firmberger

- Trained as a qualified groom, specialising in breeding and equine care, at a big Hanoverian stud in northern Germany (Tobaben)
- Further training as a qualified groom, focusing on riding, with Hartwig Burfeind
- German carriage driving licence
- Tournament successes up to Intermediary I level (dressage)
- Managed various dressage and training establishments worldwide.

Even before Lisa took up her first apprenticeship as a groom, she could look back on numerous tournament successes. Even then she was breaking horses in and training them and she was a successful auction rider at smaller auctions.

She had the good fortune to study with the well-known professional rider Hartwig Burfeind in Lower Saxony. For several years, Lisa rode as part of the Hanover-Bremen regional team and took part in German championships for young riders. Since 2007, Lisa has worked in management roles at various dressage stables around the world. On the strength of the experience with and about horses which she has gathered in many different countries, she has now settled "at home" at the Stanglwirt, where she shares her experience and knowledge with others.

Roman Wimmer

roman mitterer

- Apprenticeship as a trainer in Seefeld
- Work placement at the Lanzer tournament stable in Augsburg
- Riding instructor at the Mauring riding centre in Kitzbühel
- Gained experience as a trainer at various stables such as CRG Innsbruck, Seefeld Riding Club, CRG Wattens Swarovsky and Walchsee Riding Club
- Riding instructor and trainer at the Stanglwirt since August 2015

Roman has trained countless riders, from beginners to tournament riders in show-jumping Class S and dressage Class M. During this time he has seen many successes in show-jumping. For example, one of his protégées was Julia Kaiser, who competed internationally for Austria.

Catrin Glawischnig

Catrin Glawischnig

- Riding Trainer B (Riding instructor FENA, Germany)
- FN Supplementary qualification for trainers: "Seat and balance training"
- FN Extra qualification for trainers: „Instructor in health sport with horse“ (Trainer B - sport in prevention)
- Mount guide (Germany)
- Horse industry course "Deurne & Larenstein College" (Netherland)

Catrin already has a lot of experience in teaching riding beginners, as well as returning riders. But she also accompanies tournament newcomers on their way especially in the areas of dressage, jumping, hunters and equitation in various stables and countries.
In this time, she also gained a lot of experience in equestrian tourism and therefore feels visibly "at home" at the Stanglwirt. Since June 2020 we can count her to our riding stable team, which she complements perfectly with her great tips for sensitive riding on our noble Lipizzaners.

Stefanie Schrott

Stefanie Schrott

- Internship in a sales & tournament stable in Spain
- Internship in a riding stable in Baden-Württemberg
- Training to become qualified groom, specializing in "horse husbandry & service" 2020
- Since October 2022 at the Stanglwirt

Stefanie grew up on a farm and started taking regular riding lessons at the age of 10. After an internship abroad in Spain in 2019 in a sales and tournament stable and the a one-year internship in a riding stable in Baden-Württemberg, it was clear to Stefanie that she wanted to be a horse manager.

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