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Time for a change of air?

Invigorating air

At our Green Spa Resort, you can take time to breathe and leave behind the daily grind. Take a deep breath and enjoy your own personal space as you hike, climb, run, fish, fish, bike, play golf, ride, hunt, ski, swim, play tennis or head out cross-country skiing. Whatever you're doing, the beautiful views of the Wilder Kaiser will always take your breath away...

Sports enthusiasts feel at home at the Stanglwirt. And it's not just champions and elite athletes who appreciate our range of sporting activities, but also many amateur athletes, sports clubs and active holidaymakers...

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Well-being and comfort are simply in the air you breathe at the Stanglwirt. That's partly to do with the lovingly pine-clad rooms, which create a pleasant feel-good environment for all our guests. And it's partly to do with our many lovely members of staff, who literally read your wishes from your eyes. You'll also find
warm hearts and down-to-earth vibes at the annual singers' gathering at the Stanglwirt, where you can enjoy authentic folk music to the full. Then, if not before, all thought of your everyday routine will simply evaporate away.

The Stanglwirt singers' gathering

The Stanglwirt singers' gathering
The Stanglwirt singers' gathering

The Gasthof Stangl inn is around 450 years old, and simple, unspoilt folk and family music have always been part of the furniture. Whether a lullaby lovingly sung at the crib, or a musical get-together in the parlour... Discover