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Cosy Swiss Pine bed

Benni's nest

Blog post from Maria Hauser


In addition to our unique children's farm and many other children's attractions, there is now a wonderfully healthy and incomparably cuddly stone pine nest for our newborn guests.

Benni's nest is a unique baby cot made of local Swiss stone pine wood and is now available at the Stanglwirt.

The bed was developed to support a newborn's deep, healthy sleep by using the traditional wisdom from the Alps:

The oval, closed shape of benni's nest gives the baby the protective feeling of warmth and security. Another beneficial aspect for the baby's sleep is the mystical Swiss stone pine wood and its calming effect. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship and its design, Benni's Nest is easy to carry and fits perfectly in our Stanglwirt ambience.

Benni's nest is not only available during your feel-good stay at the Stanglwirt, but also can be purchased in our Stangl-Shop for your baby's pleasant sleep at home.

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